Top 3 High Quality Herb Grinders Found

The difference between good herb grinders and cheap grinders are like night and day. It’s important to do research and purchase the best herb grinder. In this article we will speak about the top three herb grinders that worked best for us. Everyone should do their own research and find pro’s and cons according to their situation. This is what we have found out testing about 10 marijuana grinders found on amazon

Top Three Herb Grinders

#1 Winning Herb Grinder – GreenGrinders

  • This herb grinder is a 2.5″ 4 Piece high quality Weed Grinder. Right off the bat the beautiful black design makes this grinder very attractive. Regardless if you are a chick or a dude you will instantly fall in love with this beautiful black herb grinder
  • This Weed grinder is made out high quality aluminum. For all the nerds out there this is an Aerospace Grade aluminum, they use CNC technology to make the grinders spinning in perfection
  • This Grinders Price Point is $17.99 on Amazon (Price found in September, 8th 2018) with this price point you get a 4 piece design herb grinder, with a carrying pouch that you can keep your grinder safe.
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#2 Best Herb Grinder – 2.5″ Weed Grinder 3.0″ Tall

  • This herb grinder can also be found on
    • 2.5″ Grinder with 3″ tall
      • This grinder is also made out of aluminum and has the same black beautiful sleek design.
        • The price point is a bit higher and more expensive than the previous one. This is priced at $21.99  (Price found in September, 8th 2018)
        • This grinder has a clear chamber so you can see the ground bud
        • This also lasted great in the test and was pretty much like the first choice grinder! It is ranked #2 because of the price. But this shreds your herb down just as good as the top #1
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#3 Best Weed Grinder – Gold Weed Grinder

  • Gold Bass ass looking Grinder
    • This grinder is made out of zinc alloy and has a good feel for the price!
      • The price point is a joke its literally less than $5
      • The only thing is buying from Alibaba this will take about 20 days to get to you. Or you can buy from GreenGrinders which will be faster but a bit more expensive
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We hope you enjoyed our first herb grinder review. Stay tuned for reviews coming soon near you. Please do note if you purchase these grinders that it will help alot if you post your feedback! Not only feedback on the grinders but anything about our site too! Thank you for reading our top 3 best herb grinder reviews!